Alhamdulillah, after struggling for about 2 years to become a member of the UNESCO Aspnet school network, finally on Thursday 16 March 2023, based on data from KNIU (Indonesian National Commission for Unesco) SMP Taruna Jaya 1 Surabaya officially became a new member of the UNESCO Aspnet school network. Of course, this is not an easy thing to strive for, considering that the pandemic had hit and all school activities were reduced and turned online, but this did not reduce our enthusiasm as school residents to remain optimistic about becoming members of the Aspnet school network.

Why should Aspnet? one of the foundations of our school curriculum program is to play an active role as part of global society in the era of global society 5.0 by integrating the free-sharing curriculum and GCED (Global Citizenship Education and Development). Aspnet, we will have access to actively participate in global activities that are correlated with increasing students' knowledge and skills. By becoming a member of the Aspnet school network, we want to develop the programs that are already running in our school and open doors for collaboration with other schools so that it has more impact and benefits not only for school residents but also for other schools, the surrounding community and the Surabaya city government.

To find out more about what Unesco Aspnet is, you can click the following link