There is something different from graduating grade 9 at SMP Taruna Jaya 1 Surabaya this year, if previously the graduation requirement was to take a School Examination with a grade determined by the school, so this year all grade 9 students are required to make a Scientific Work as an additional requirement for graduation.

Not without reason, Ms. Endang Winarningsih, S.Pd as the Principal wants all students who will graduate from SMP Taruna Jaya 1 Surabaya to have more competence so they can compete in the industrial era 4.0 where the demand for digital knowledge is the main capital in order to be able to compete. besides that the Principal also wants students to be able to socialize with the environment when conducting research using observation, survey and other methods. that way they will get experience of how life is around them and how they can solve a problem in a wise way.

in this scientific work each student has the right to choose a supervisor and at the end of the work all scientific work is tested in front of the examiners who have been previously appointed. each student is given the opportunity to convey the results of their research and conclusions from the results of their scientific work.
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